Sahil Bishnoi

Namastey, I'm Sahil Bishnoi

A data-driven and user-centric designer infused with curiosity

Featured Work

These case studies showcase my product thinking, decision-making, and visual design skills.

Case Studies


I'm a Product Designer with 4+ years of experience. My experience ranges from working as an individual contributor to leading a design team.

🏢 Real estate

A platform that makes it easy to invite co-sponsors, investors, and manage investments. My role in design has ranged from onboarding, uploading, and inviting teams to manage projects, all the way to purchase a subscription plan for our platform.

📱 Social media

A platform for connecting with like-minded people and sharing their views. Contributed to core features like search, messenger, uploading articles, and posting events.

🛍 E-commerce

Created a marketplace that connects decorators with artists and allows them to sell their designs.

💼 Job portal

A platform to offer training and job applications, while allowing companies to post job openings and track candidates.

Design Process

From startups to world-beaters, my every project is directed by a positive mindset that believes I can add value to any business.

♟ Strategy

Understanding the problem space. I make sure I ask the right questions and look for the best ways to meet the challenges of the users.

🔭 Discovery

Finding solution. This stage entails market research, competitive analysis, consulting, and exploring solution options.

👨🏻‍💻 Design

Problem solving. At the end of this phase, you’ll have a pixel-perfect design for your product. During the transition from wireframes into the final design, I create prototypes simulating final end results before development.

🔄 Test & Iteration

Final step. I perform research through series of usability tests and A/B testing with your customers to ensure the best possible solutions for their needs.


Why are you a designer?

For me, design is an ideal balance between being creative, but also highly structured and process-oriented. It has elements from many different industries, which keeps me engaged, and it's an evolving field that pushes me out of my comfort zone.

I'm passionate about design because it lets you create new experiences, but more importantly, improve upon existing ones—you never have to accept things the way they are.

Where do you go to get inspired?

Design is not limited to the digital world, but instead, everything we use in our daily life is designed for human ease. From the cup of coffee, you drink every morning to the smartphone you’re holding. I love traveling It’s a great way for me to not only learn new things and immerse myself in a new culture it also provides a constant urge to continue learning and get inspiration. I love to travel the world and observe UX things in real life.

Are you available for freelance work?

Yes, I'm available for freelance work.

Are you open to brand collaborations?

Yes. Feel free to reach out to me at my mailbox. I'm also available for speaking opportunities, podcast/stream, guest appearances.

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I'm Available For Hire

Feel free to reach out to me at my mailbox

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