letstalk - Meditation and therapy in one place

letstalk - Meditation and therapy in one place


Users can tell you which direction your product should go and what you are missing.


An app that cares about your mental health


6 months


Solo Designer


This app is meant to help users to deal with mental health issues. In our country, the discovery of a mental illness is often followed by denial and hesitation to seek help. Despite its enormous social burden, mental health remains a taboo subject. Psychological self-care is not easily available today. It’s either expensive or low in quality, and many people are not aware of it. The goal of the project was to provide better service to users.


Lack of helpful information on social services and mental health for people in India.

Relevance. Our society has a lot of problems that often leave people in a state of helplessness. In situations where they could have received some help, they just get lost and give up. The primary reason for this is a lack of knowledge about the psychology of human behavior. People might be more open to using the services of a therapist, but it is really hard to find a good one, and it is often too expensive for average India.

Around 450 million people currently suffer from such conditions, placing mental disorders among the leading causes of ill health and disability worldwide. Depressive disorders are already the fourth leading cause of the global disease burden.

My Role

Discovery, User Research, Personas, Mindmap, Wireframing, Visual Design.


I want to create a service that can help everyone in any life situation, such as relationship problems, lack of motivation, office workloads, etc. In the app, people will be able to access quality information by topics - including articles, videos, podcasts, and books. It will also provide an AI-based quick conversation that can lighten up your day. This app will also provide a platform for verified psychologists to share their articles, podcasts, videos, and books.

Audience - The target audience is people of 20–75 years old interested in personal growth and facing particular challenges in mental health and development of social skills.

Users' Quotes:

"I will not read an article whose authors I don’t know and trust their authority."

"By reading professional literature, talking with friends, and watching informative lectures, I always solve my problems."

"Personalized psychological articles are nowhere to be found."

Key Learning

  1. Content should be personalized to the user.
  2. Easy to use.
  3. Don’t have to waste time searching for quality content.

‍Frankly speaking, research is something that a lot of companies are trying to avoid, seeing as a wastage of time. But only digging into the research and interview can provide you information about the users and make you free from your personal assumptions.

User Persona

The result of my survey showcased that there were diverse needs. At this step, I’ve summarised the common behavior to communicate their goals and problem.


Mind Map

I decided to create a mind map to understand the architecture of the app and its flow. The goal was to organize and structure the content and understand the design.


What you need at first is a deep breath. And out. Especially in case you’re working on a big and complex project. Start with gathering all the things in a mind map and wireframes before you get to real pixels.


Starting with creating really low-fidelity sketches to get a general idea of what the interface would look like.


Low Fidelity Wireframe

After I was done with all the planning and sketching, I moved on to wire-framing and I started with the onboarding flow and deciding the low fidelity interface of the app.


Right after you have done the research, you have an idea of what you need to create and for whom. Avoid yourselves from directly starting the UI job right away. Otherwise, you will be trapped in a situation of constant redesign.

Onboarding Flow

The goal of the onboarding flow is to collect information about the user's interests to truly make it tailored to their needs. For this purpose, I obtained information about their interests and used it to build their newsfeed.



On this page, users see their newsfeed. It will have updates about the users’ choices to follow certain types of content. The user can also filter posts by people they are following, and keep posts for themselves in the Saved list.


Search Page

This is the main page for information searching. Here, a user can manually write in a search field, or find information in blocks. Each block contains materials such as books, podcasts, videos, and articles. Also, the user can use filtering. On the right screen, you can see an open article.


Chat Messenger

A quick conversation with your AI assistant can change your day. Over time, your conversation with AI Assistant will help you understand yourself, feel more balanced and happier.


Here are some examples of the Profile page, Saved list, and one of the steps from the “Become an editor” flow.


What did I learn?

Designing the app has been a challenging and rewarding journey.

Through this project, I realized how important the research stage is. Users can tell you which direction your product should go and what you are missing. Only after in-depth interviews did I understand what was important to users and how to make this application truly valuable for them. I realized that by skipping the research phase, one could end up with a product that no one needs.

Next Steps

  • Support multi-language
  • Develop the product scaling plan (web version)
  • Create a customer journey map
  • Develop a comprehensive business model

Final Thoughts

"letstalk” is a service that provides the answers you need to improve your mental health and find balance.

Take your personal growth journey with us!

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